$800,000 Worth of Products Stolen from Nike Trailers in Memphis

Nike's Major Losses In The Latest Trailer Theft

Earlier this month Nike's Memphis warehouse facility was targeted by thieves who managed to ransack 20 trailers that were filled with Nike products. According to the Memphis police department, the trainers amounted to $800,00 worth of products. Although it's still unconfirmed exactly what was taken, it is known that a lot of the products taken were part of the Jordan brand's Fall/Winter and Holiday releases, this includes the Air Jordan 11 'Cherry', Air Jordan 4 'Midnight Navy', Air Jordan 4 'Canyon Purple' and a lot more.

These crimes took place a little after midnight on September 6th at the company's distribution center located in Memphis. The alleged crooks were able to gain access to the trailers after they broke through several of the fences containing the trailers. The Memphis Police Department told Fox 13 Memphis that the sportswear company did have video surveillance cameras, but only in the front of the facility, and they were not able to capture the scene of the crime. Shown in the series of videos and photos below is the aftermath of the looting.

Since the incident Stock X has decided to halt the sales and purchases of the Air Jordan 11 'Retro Cherry' and the Air Jordan 6 'Black Metallic Silver, while they assist the Memphis police with the investigation into the theft.


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