Air Jordan 4s or Air Jordan 1?

You can’t say this line without instantly thinking about the song Clash with rapper Dave and Stormzy. But it does lead to the big question who wins if it’s a choice of the Air Jordan 4 vs Air Jordan 1? At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference but there are some stats that simply can’t be ignored once it comes to this argument.

 J4 VS J1

Air Jordan Heritage

So of course the Air Jordan 1 was first released in 1985 and was tied to Michael Jordans rookie season in the NBA. The simple design in the Chicago colourway matched with the greatest basketball player (debatable) of all time, Michael Jordans name the sneakers hit straight away and the Air Jordan 1 has had a meteoric rise in popularity for over 40 years.

Michael Jordan

The Air Jordan 4 was first debuted in February 1989 just 4 years later during the All Star game with the original retail price of $110 (must have been nice).  

The 4 OG colourways released in this year were the;

Air Jordan 4 ‘Fire Red’

Air Jordan 4 - Fire Red

Air Jordan 4 ‘Cement’

Air Jordan 4 'Cement'

Air Jordan 4 ‘Military Blue’

Air Jordan 4 Military Blue

Air Jordan 4 ‘Bred’

Air Jordan 4 'Bred'


Both sneakers are high tops but that’s where the similarities end. The Air Jordan 1s prominent features are of course the Nike Swoosh down the side of each sneaker and the wings Air Jordan Logo printed on the side of the lining. When you see a pair of Air Jordan 4’s the first thing you will notice is the triangular support wings and mesh netting, the exposed tongue is oversized, and they feature a pull tap on the back with either an embossed Jumpman logo or the Nike Air Logo if they are a retro.

Jordan 1 vs Jordan 4


Jordan 1 vs Jordan 4 fit & sizing

The Air Jordan 4 is no doubt a bulkier and ticket sneaker you will feel the difference wearing these as appose to the Air Jordan 1s which feel a bit freer and more lightweight. Personally, I go half a size up in each of the models for a comfy fit but it's common to wear the Air Jordan 1s with the laces untied and lose do you can just slip your foot in, you do not really get the same effect with the Air Jordan 4.

Jordan 4 vs Jordan 1


Which Air Jordan is more wearable?

So we are living in a time where premium sportswear can be worn with a tracksuit or a suit, and it’s great. Both models can be dressed up whether that’s to the cinema, a birthday meal, or a night out. It’s way more acceptable to wear these sneakers now and they fit with high fashion perfectly however for this id have to go with the Air Jordan 4 purely for the less Air Jordan branding on the sneaker.

 Air Jordan 4

The Verdit ; Which is better Jordan 1 or 4?

To be honest, it comes down to personal preference, both can be worn casually or dressed up, and both are very fashionable and in trend. And although I have to say the Air Jordan 1 is more comfortable personally, I would crown the Air Jordan 4 as the King Of these Kicks purely for the aesthetical look.


Where can I buy Air Jordan 4s and 1s?


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