Could Kanye Be Opening Yeezy Retail Stores?

Yeezy Retail Stores?

Kanye West has been all over the news recently following the release of his Yeezy GAP clothing range that was released in GAP stores. This release was filled with controversy from the internet as some seemed to take offense by the way he displayed his clothes in the stores. But now we have even more news as it seems that Kanye could be planning on opening his own Yeezy Retail Stores. let's get into how this all comes about!


Kanye's Insta Antics

Where do we start with all of this, so we all know that Yeezy and GAP began a partnership in which they would produce collaborative clothing under the name Yeezy GAP. Well it seems that GAP may have rattled the cage of Kanye after he learned that they held a meeting about the star without him being present or even being invited.

Kanye then took to Instagram to accuse GAP of stealing designs from the Yeezy GAP Engineered by Balenciaga (doesn't look like a good partnership to me). Ye later followed up his Instagram antics with another post captioned "The vision will be realised. Let's start with stores in Atlanta" which seems to suggest Kanye might be looking to go out on his own with the Yeezy clothing range.

Kanye vs GAP Executives

Kanye then took the stage Infront of GAP executives to voice his dissatisfaction, and to offer GAP an ultimatum on their further partnership. He begins his speech by saying “This is Spartan, this is not celebrity marketing, this is not a collaboration, this is a life mission,”

“This is bigger than us. We shouldn’t argue amongst ourselves. But I’m saying I have to go pull that sword out the stone,” Ye adds. “You either believe me or I’m going to show you. I can either show you facing this way [away from the GAP executives] or facing this way [towards them]. But you’re going to see it.”

Kanye later took to the internet to expand on Yeezy store plans asking for anyone “who has over 10 years of retail experience and is ready to change the world” to contact him.

He then later made it clear that he signed with both adidas and GAP because the contract stated that they would open permanent stores for the Yeezy brand, which neither company has done.

So there we have it, it looks like Yeezy stores may be on the way and we are more than overjoyed with this news. It also seems that YE might be very close the edge when it comes to his current partnership so we will be very interested to see what this means for adidas and Yeezy alike. but one thing is very clear, Kanye is on a mission in the fashion industry and it doesn't look like he's close to stopping so we best keep our eyes open for history in the making.


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