FedEx Employee Allegedly Stole $96,000 worth of Foot Locker Sneakers!

$96,000 worth of footlocker stock stolen

We all that the sneaker game is at its peak at the moment, meaning the demand for trainers is at an all-time high giving sneakers a high risk for crimes such as theft and embezzlement. Earlier this week we got reports of another major police bust in the sneaker industry. A FedEx Driver was hit with 2 different charges after being found in possession of merchandise stolen from Foot Locker.

A 40-Year-old man from Michigan, named Morris Jones was arrested earlier this week after Foot Locker loss prevention raised attention to a possible embezzlement case. The police were contacted by Foot Locker's head office and they later found that Morris Jones had Allegedly been taking deliveries that were on their way to footlocker stores and instead taking them for himself and hiding them at his home.

When the police searched the man's home they discovered a $96,000 haul of stolen Foot Locker Products. While an exact list of all the stolen items hasn't been released, they did release a photograph of the stolen haul, in which we can see some big-ticket shoes such as Jordan 1 Highs, Jordan 4's, and Dunks.

Jones was later charged with embezzlement along with receiving and concealing stolen property. The police have confirmed that he is assisting them with their investigation while they search for a woman that they believe could be an accomplice in the crime.

We just hope that the security from these delivery companies can continue to increase to stop crimes like this from happening.

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