How Did New Balance Kicks Become Cool Again?

The Rise Of New Balance

Over recent years the sneaker industry has seen exponential growth in both popularity and value fuelled by a surge of new designs and limited-release models. Whereas most people would immediately think of Nike when picturing exclusive sneakers, New Balance has shown its ability to revive itself and has seen its popularity grow in recent years and now they are at the height of street style. But how has New Balance managed to revive their brand from dad shoe to streetwear icons in the past few years?

New Balance remained under the radar in the sneaker world for many years, however the decision to revive an old premium running silhouette could have been the spark that ignited the new balance trend. The New Balance 2002R was brought back from the archive in the form of the 2002R after new balance Japan's product manager, Tetsuya Shono, Decided to replace the original sole for the New Balance 860v2's N-ergy sole unit, providing it with superior comfort and a style that brought new balance to the sneaker world's attention.

With the help of a few collaborations with brands such as this is never that, the 2002R made the change from sneaker irrelevance to a popular lifestyle shoe that the industry has been going crazy over ever since.

Then in 2020 came the revival of the now sought-after New Balance 550 helped along by the collaboration between new balance and Aime Leon Dore's Teddy Santis. The revival of this shoe came at the perfect time as it acted as a clear competitor to Nike's Dunk Low models which were seeing their own major comeback. The Collaborations and designs of the New Balance 550s that followed this revival sent it directly into the streetwear hall of fame and into the hearts and minds of the sneaker world.

Since these revivals, New Balance has been releasing a huge range of stand-out colorways and styles and we sure are glad they did.

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