RTFKT Releases Physical Nike Air Force 1 Collection.

RTFKT Are Mixing Physical with Digital in New Sneaker Collection.

RTFKT is back in the news again, the Nike-owned Web3 virtual fashion label has decided to take a rare dip back into the physical realm by releasing a series of Air Force 1's. The collection even includes two exclusive iterations made by none other than the legendary Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami.

The theme for this new collection is possibly the most interesting theme we have seen in a sneaker release to date. The collection is based on the varying DNA of RTFKT's world-renowned avatar collection: Clone x, Human, Robot, Angel, Demon, Reptile, Undead, Alien, and Murakami.

This specific sneaker release is only available to RTFKT's Clone X Avatar NFT Holders and therefore will make it one of the most exclusive drops of all time and an expensive venture as you must first purchase the NFT itself.

Each of the shoes is based on the specific avatar DNA and the NFT holders can only redeem the sneakers that are linked to the NFT DNA they currently own. But among the releases, we can see the exclusive Murakami x RTFKT x Nike air force 1 Collaboration and we must say, they are a work of art.

Take a closer look at the full collection below

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