The Ultimate Sneaker Gift Guide For Her

Sneaker Gift Guide 2022

A sneakerhead is one of the types of people that almost no one outside of the sneaker world will know how to buy for. Well, we are here to demystify this whole gift-buying process and show you exactly what you should be getting for your sneakerhead loved one.

1. Are Nike Dunks good as a gift?

Nike Dunks are by far one of the biggest-selling Nike models on the market today, and 2022 has been a great year for Dunk releases. The laid-back style brought forward by the Nike Dunk Low is perfect for any informal style and is one of the best-looking shoes when matched with a streetwear style outfit, the eclectic mix of colours used in their designs really does mean there is a Dunk model out there for everyone. Check out our full range of Nike Dunks here.

Nike Dunk Low Pile

Nike Dunk Low 'Venice' 

A touch of pink never hurt anybody. The Nike Dunk Low 'Venice' sports beutiful pastel pink hues on an all-leather construction. It is the perfect culmination of style and comfort in a silhouette that is highly respected in the world of sneakers. The full leather construction provides the shoe with an excellent build while being stylish as hell, and that's exactly why they make the perfect gift.


Nike Dunk Low 'Harvest Moon'

The Nike dunk low harvest moon was released earlier this year and took the sneaker world by storm, its eclectic mix of colour and comfort makes it one of the nicest Sneakers available and perfect for any sneakerhead.

Nike Dunk Low 'Harvest Moon'


Why are Air Jordan's so popular, and will they make a good gift?

The Air Jordan 1 is definitely the most iconic sneaker in the world, since its creation in the 1980's they have been a huge name in the sneaker scene and its popularity has only risen since. Their iconic design, use of premium materials, and surprising comfort make them the biggest player in the game and a fantastic pick for any sneakerhead. Check out our full range of Air Jordan 1's Here.

Air Jordan 1 High 'Bubblegum'

The Air Jordan 1 'Bubblegum' really is a girl's best friend, featuring an amazing mix of bright pink patent leather with crisp white and black leather giving these Air Jordan's a bright stand-out appearance. These shoes were made to stand out and will make the perfect gift this year.

Jordan 1 High 'Bubblegum'

Air Jordan 1 'University Blue'

Bright baby blue hues mixed with crisp white leather make this Air Jordan 1 a stand-out classic. One of the most popular colourways Jordan 1 has ever released the Air Jordan 1 'University blue' is the perfect gift for anyone with a love for sneakers. 

Air Jordan 1 High 'University Blue'

What are Air Jordan 1 Mids?

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is the baby cousin of the Air Jordan 1 High, featuring a slightly lower high top design, they have all the good looks of the Air Jordan 1 High, but are slightly lighter on the purse. They keep the same level of quality just in a slightly shorter package. Check out our full range of Jordan 1's Here.

Air Jordan 1 Mid

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Light Smoke Grey'

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Light smoke grey, is the ideal shoe for all-year wear. featuring Smokey light grey hues and crisp white leather, this Air Jordan 1 is the perfect neutral colour scheme for any outfit. 

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Blue Mint'

This edition of the famed Air Jordan 1 Mid arrives covered in minty tones from top to bottom, mixed with Air Jordan's revolutionary design they really are a shoe that can't be ignored. They expel quality and style from top to bottom which is why they are the perfect gift for any sneaker lover.

4. Why Not Try GS? But what does GS mean?

When it comes to sneakers GS stands for Grade School. These GS shoes are designed for older kids that have shoes sized from UK 3-6. We find that a lot of women do have shoe sizes that lie in this range, and if you're lucky enough to have a shoe size in this range it will open up a whole new world of possibilities. all of your favourite shoes and some exclusive designs will all have GS version, so why not try GS shoes. Check out our full range of GS Sneakers here.

Air Jordan 1 (GS) 'French Blue'

The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE (GS) 'French Blue' is covered in a beautiful washed-out suede contrasted with crisp white leather. This sneaker pays homage to the 'hyper royal' Air Jordan 1 High have the same denim-coloured cloudy material and is a perfect gift for anyone that wants to make a statement with their sneakers.

Nike Dunk Low Next Nature (GS) 'Homer Simpson'

Made from recycled materials, the Nike Dunk Low Next Nature 'Homer Simpson' Really is the perfect culmination of impeccable style and sustainability. Covered in bright Blue and yellow hues this shoe will really bring a bold and bright statement to any outfit. 

Perfect Accessories for Sneakerheads

If you're looking for a gift for any sneakerhead but don't want to fork out for a new pair, then look no further because there are loads of great accessories that will make the perfect gift.

Are sneaker cleaners a good gift?

There is nothing worse for a sneakerhead than looking down at their new shoes and seeing a huge dirt mark all over them. Every sneakerhead needs their own sneaker care and sneaker cleaning solution and our range of Crep Protect is just what they need. These handy gift packs make the perfect gift and will provide everything a sneakerhead needs to clean and care for their favourite sneakers. Check out our full sneaker care range here.

Crep Protect

Crep Protect Gift Pack

The ultimate gift box for any sneakerhead, the Crep Protect Gift Box contains everything you need to keep your kicks clean all the time. The pack includes a protection spray, Crep Cure cleaning formula, a cleaning brush, a microfibre cloth, and cleaning wipes. This is the ideal gift for any sneakerhead, it includes everything that any sneakerhead would ever need in terms of sneaker care all in a handy tin.



Crep Protect Travel Kit

The Crep Protect Travel Kit includes everything you need to keep your kicks looking fresh while on the go. The package contains travel-size packs of all the fundamental cleaning products including, a mini rain and stain spray to keep rain and dirt off your kicks, a mini foam cleaner to keep your kicks clean at all times and 6 dual-sided cleaning wipes for quick cleaning needs. This is the ideal gift for any sneakerheads that find themselves travelling a lot, all your cleaning needs in a travel kit for the road.

Crep Protect Travel Kit



Sneaker Storage

If you know a sneakerhead then you will know full well that keeping their collection tidy and organised is of paramount importance. Well, the Kicks Krates is the perfect solution for storing and showing off your collection.








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