The Ultimate Sneaker Gift Guide For Him

Sneaker gift guide for him

We all know the feeling, it gets around to this time of year when you need to buy gifts for your loved ones, but you just have no idea what to get them. Well if your loved one is a sneakerhead then this decision can be even more difficult. The sneaker industry is littered with inside information that people on the outside may just not understand. So one thing is clear if you're buying for a sneakerhead you will need some expert advice. Well, it's a good job we're here because we have made a complete list of all the best options when buying a sneakerhead.

Do Yeezy's make a good gift?

Yeezy 350's:

The Yeezy 350 is in some ways the crowning jewel in the Yeezy family, since its first release back in 2015 it has quickly become one of the most popular sneakers for sneakerheads and collectors. The Yeezy 350 uses patented boost technology and primeknit uppers that both combine to provide an ultra-comfortable fit for all-day use.

Yeezy 350's

The sleek design of the Yeezy 350 makes it one of those rare sneakers that can look just as good with joggers and a hoodie as it does with smart clothing, and the neutral tones that most Yeezy 350's come in make it easy to style with a huge range of outfits. Check out our full range of Yeezy 350s here.

Yeezy 350 'Onyx'

The Yeezy 350 'Onyx' is one of the most popular in the range of Yeezy 350s, Its stealthy black design makes it perfect for any season and outfit. Whereas the ultra-comfortable construction allows for all-day use.

Yeezy 350 'Bone'

Undoubtedly the cleanest Yeezy 350 to date, the Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Bone” features white Primeknit uppers with a cream Boost sole unit. The comfort and easy-to-style nature of these Yeezy's are what makes them the perfect gift for any sneakerhead.

Yeezy 700's:

Yeezy 700's are another of the great designs birthed from this partnership and usually appeal to sneakerheads who like a chunky and sturdy design. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and they look amazing with any style of outfit. They are a timeless classic that is loved by just about every sneakerhead ever which makes them the perfect gift. Check out our full range of Yeezy 700's here.

Yeezy 700

Yeezy 700 'Waverunner'

The original and still most popular Yeezy 700, these sneakers have the perfect mix of colours and neutral tones which make them perfect for any outfit or occasion. There is no doubt that your loved one will love a pair of these and they will probably complement your choice while there at it.


Yeezy 'Waverunner'

2. Are Air Jordans a good gift?

The Air Jordan 1 is the most notorious sneaker around, just about everyone knows and loves the Jordan 1. Stemming from back in the 1980s the Air Jordan 1 has earned its place at the top of the sneaker hall of fame. They always come in exquisite colourways and the use of premium materials for their construction gives the Air Jordan 1, one of the best build qualities on the market. These are the perfect gift for anyone wanting to play it safe as there is no doubt you will receive no complaints with a pair of Air Jordan 1's Check out our full range of Jordan 1's here.


Jordan 1 High 'Stage Haze'

Air Jordan 1 'Mocha'

The Air Jordan 1 Mocha is probably one of if not the most popular Jordans of all time, featuring dark mocha hues mixed with just the right amount of black and white premium leather. The Jordan 1 mocha is an icon in the sneaker world, mixed with exceptional build quality and premium leather construction making it the perfect go-to for any Jordan fan or sneakerhead.


Jordan 1 High 'University Blue'

The 'University Blue' or 'UNC' AJ1 High sports a bright baby blue colourway that is sure to make it a standout shoe in any wardrobe. The exceptional build quality and premium materials on this shoe make it one of the sturdiest and most comfortable sneakers on the market and the ideal gift for a Jordan fan, or just about any sneaker lover.


What are Air Jordan 1 Mid's?

Air Jordan 1 Mid's are sort of the baby brother of the Air Jordan 1 family. They sport a slightly shorter design but are built on the same design as their Air Jordan 1 High counterparts, giving all the good looks of the Air Jordan 1 High just slightly shorter. some people prefer Mid's while others prefer Highs but there is no doubt they are both just as beautiful as each other. 



Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Bred Toe White'

The Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Bred toe White' is easily the most popular of the Air Jordan 1 Mids. They are a stand out shoe with a very reasonable price tag, that can make an ideal gift for a sneaker lover. The Black, White and Red colour scheme is famed within the Jordan community making these an iconic shoe all around. 


Nike Dunks vs Jordan's

The Nike Dunk is one of Nike's biggest-selling designs that has been especially in the spotlight over the last few years. The more casual design of the Nike Dunk low is perfect for any informal occasion and the eclectic use of colours means there is a Dunk out there for anyone's taste. These low-top leather sneakers are the perfect alternative to Jordan's for anyone that prefers the low-top kind of style. So yes they are absolutely a perfect gift for anyone that loves sneakers. Check out our full range of Nike Dunks here.


Nike Dunk Low Pile


Nike Dunk Low 'Panda'

Whether you are an avid sneaker collector or just a casual sneakerhead everyone loves the Nike Dunk Low 'Panda', and when I say everyone I mean everyone. By far the king of the Nike Dunk catalogue and probably the biggest-selling shoe of this year, The black and white colour-blocking pattern makes these shoes ultra-wearable, so really are the perfect gift for any sneakerhead.


Nike Dunk Low 'Harvest Moon'

The Nike Dunk Low harvest moon was released earlier this year and took the sneaker world by storm, its eclectic mix of colour and comfort makes it one of the nicest Sneakers available and the perfect gift for any sneakerhead.


Perfect Accessories for sneakerheads.

If the person you're buying for is a sneakerhead but your not looking to get them a whole new pair, then you may want to look at the perfect accessories for sneakerheads.


Are sneaker cleaners a good gift?

The absolute biggest hardship for a sneakerhead is mud and dirt, we all know the situation in which you have a fantastic new pair of sneakers then all of a sudden a slight bit of mud or dirt gets on them and it's game over. But it doesn't need to be game over because every sneakerhead needs the perfect sneaker care and sneaker cleaning solutions. Well look no further because Crep Protect is here, by far the biggest brand in the sneaker care industry and the most trusted, Crep Protect has solutions for every budget, and their handy kits can make the perfect gift for any sneakerhead. Check out our full range of sneaker care here.


 Crep Protect


Crep Protect Gift Pack

The ultimate gift box for any sneakerhead, the Crep Protect Gift Box contains everything you need to keep your kicks clean all the time. The pack includes a protection spray, Crep Cure cleaning formula, a cleaning brush, a microfibre cloth, and cleaning wipes. This is the ideal gift for any sneakerhead, it includes everything that any sneakerhead would ever need in terms of sneaker care all in a handy tin.



Crep Protect Travel Kit


The Crep Protect Travel Kit includes everything you need to keep your kicks looking fresh while on the go. The package contains travel-size packs of all the fundamental cleaning products including, a mini rain and stain spray to keep rain and dirt off your kicks, a mini foam cleaner to keep your kicks clean at all times and 6 dual-sided cleaning wipes for quick cleaning needs. This is the ideal gift for any sneakerheads that find themselves travelling a lot, all your cleaning needs in a travel kit for the road.




Best way to store your sneakers? The Ideal gift for a messy sneakerhead.

The second biggest issue faced by a sneakerhead is storage, you would be very surprised at how hard it is to store your sneaker collection without damaging them in the process. So help your sneakerhead loved one by getting them the perfect storage solution, the kicks krate is a stackable clear Perspex sneaker crate which allows your shoes to not only be neatly stored but also the transparent design allows you to show them off at the same time.

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