Sneakers for horses are now officially a thing!

Sneaker for horses

Yes, sneakers for horses really exist and they are even fully in hype.
Jordan 1 Court Purple Horse Shoe
Now that we are slowly slipping into the Christmas season, you can write this year on the wish list not only for themselves sneakers but finally times for their horses which without it looks absolutely off. Because Horse Kicks produces the most popular sneakers for horses. On the homepage of you can order a pair of horse-friendly shoes made to measure. A single shoe for your horse starts at $1,200 (about £1,070, AU$1,916). So it's going to be a little more costly to get your horse fit for the fashion competitions. A portion of 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Sneaker Ball Lex event, which supports local minority organizations.

New Balance Horse Shoe

Behind the implementation is Marcus Floyd, a shoe artist from Lexington, Kentucky. On his Instagram account @infinitekustomz, you can already see several implementations of the horse sneakers alongside the human versions. Already implemented there are a Court Purple Jordan 1, New Balance 650 and the Yeezy Boost 350. These first versions will be donated and auctioned during the Sneaker Ball Lex.

Yeezy 350 Horse Shoe

In social media, the sneakers are already experiencing a huge hype and are clicked thousands of times because they look so deliciously off. Especially the idea that a horse will soon beat you in a sneaker battle is the point here. Be sure to check out the first videos which exist where horses rock the sneakers, you won't regret it!

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