StockX Removes Verified Authentic From Their Website

It seems as if StockX wants to leave its only unique selling point behind, namely that they check sneakers for authenticity in an extremely petty way.
Sneakerheads found the change on the site and shared the info on Twitter, shortly after the info went viral. Here on the marketplace the reference to Verified Authentic was removed and only the condition was mentioned.

StockX then addressed the verification process itself directly on Twitter, emphasizing that the employees' work was not changing
"You may have noticed that we have updated the name of our verification process, but the work our team does every day to meet our high standard of excellence has not changed." Further, StockX shared a link to the verification process here.
In the description of the authentication process there are now also several changes, there is only the talk of a verification process but no longer of an authentication, which was also adjusted in some places. In addition, it is described again that this verification process can be different from item to item.

Stock X Authentication

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In a detailed statement, they said, "While product authenticity remains at the core of our analysis, our verification process better reflects our broader value proposition that we provide to our customers by verifying all products sold on StockX." In addition, the same statement also said "We review a number of indicators before passing a product on to a buyer, and there are a number of reasons why a product may not meet our high quality standards, such as an incorrect size, missing accessories, damaged packaging, a manufacturer's defect if it shows signs of previous wear and tear, and of course if the item is a counterfeit."
This word salad from the company is not going down well with many Twitter users, who suspect it is a precautionary measure as counterfeits get better and better, or that it is simply to protect themselves from Nike, which could make claims here.

Stock X Removes Authentication

Criticism goes on to say that this adjustment would make the process non-transparent and thus directly suspicious. For Stockx, this issue comes at a rather inopportune time in what are already very tough times. Due to the tough economic conditions, they may have to cut quite a few jobs again.

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