Top 5 Halloween Sneaker Releases of all time!

What are the best Halloween Themed Sneakers?

Every year when the calendar turns from September to October, spooky season comes into full effect, But if you're reading this you know spooky season means only 1 thing. The sneaker brands release their Halloween themes sneakers! While colorful costumes and delicious candy garner most of the attention during this holiday, we had to show some love to the sneaker community. From Freddy and Jason-themed Dunks to blood splatter and oozing slime, check out the greatest Halloween-themed sneakers of all time below.

1. Nike Dunk SB Low Freddy Krueger

The Nike sb dunk low 'Freddy Krueger' is still the stuff of legends, after hacking its way into the market in 2007, New Line Cinema (Who owned the rights to nightmare on elm street) issued Nike a cease and desist on the shoes.

Despite this a few pairs managed to work their way onto the market, some came from a store in Mexico that managed to sell 26 pairs and the rest came from a batch that was saved by a savvy Nike employee after they were splattered with oil and sent to be burned. The story behind these shoes is one of the best stories in sneaker history, which has made these the best Halloween sneakers of all time.

2. Nike SB 'Mummy' Dunk Low

Inspired by the likes of Victor Frankenstein’s ‘creature’ and the bewitchment of Egyptian mythology, the Nike SB ‘Mummy’ Dunk Low is a creative courtside silhouette that finds itself well placed as the follow-up to 2019’s Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Night of Mischief’. Specially designed in honor of the October 31st celebrations with its ghoulish aesthetic and unapologetic illuminative trims, this mummified low-top sneaker captures Nike SB’s inventive trait in its truest form.

3. Nike Air Max 95 'Freddy Krueger'

13 years after trying their first Freddy Krueger colourway and all the trouble that come with them, Nike finally released a new version of the Freddy Kreuger, and this time and the design inspiration is loose enough for plausible deniability. Instead of green, the striped upper opts for brown with a rough texture to mimic the sweater. Visible stitching makes it appear a little more ragged, and hazy blue accents seem to recreate the mist that somehow always came with Freddy's arrival.

4. Nike Air Max 95 Halloween

The theme for this pair is motivated by the eye with detailing on the tongue. . The Design features textured suede with a crackled leather and material upper, offering gooey green stresses over the eyelets, heel, and outsole. This zombie-like pair is finished with a red eyeball on the tongue. This is definitely one of the pairs that have the least Halloween inspirations but the choice of colors and design gives it a standing in this top 5.

5. Nike Air Force 1 '07 QS 'Black Skeleton'

Released as a Halloween-inspired pair the Nike Air Force 1 'Black Skeleton', features a full black leather upper with a unique skeleton foot graphic printed on the side. The best part of these shoes is the unapologetic use of glow-in-the-dark colours, both the sole and the skeleton graphic glow-in-the-dark making them the perfect shoe for a Halloween night out, so for that reason, they finish off this top 5 list.

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