Top Trainers To Wear With Dresses

Trainers to wear with dresses

We're talking about one of the most important parts of the fit, and that's sneakers. Who doesn't love them, especially the white sneakers that go with the suits, one of the best combinations ever? A trend that was once a faux pas is now one of the best styles you can ever combine. Not every sneaker would suit suits, so you have to be selective, but a couple of sneakers can combine smart and casual and they can match perfectly with that style.

Do you want to know the best trainers to wear with dresses?

Some of the best trainers that go with suits in every season also go with wearing in combination with a dress some of the best options we have hand-picked are here below:
The Nike x Sacai Vaporwaffle is a sneaker that landed perfectly in the middle of the chunky sneaker buzz. The double-layered sole and high-quality detail and design give this sneaker a super high fashion feel in smaller sizes chunky sneakers look great and the sacais are no different from this rule.

Sacai Vaporwaffle

The Supreme low-top Italian white low-one sneakers are a perfect match for suits due to their basic outline and leather structure; they pair with anything you can imagine. Brands like YSL have great low sneakers that can be dressed up or worn with a suit.

The Classic GUCCI ACE lavish and modern design of the low white one makes them one of the must-have sneakers ever. They are created with premium leather and can go with any dress and style because of their transparency. For sure, presently, the best sneakers for men to pair with suits.

The Converse Chuck Tylor are classy shoes that go perfectly with the suit. We firmly believe that the colour "white" would go perfectly with any outfit. The white version will look great with a navy, charcoal, or tan suit. If you want to look classy, team them with an oxford shirt and a tie. Besides that, you can wear these great sneakers with casual clothes.

Converse Chuck Taylor

VEJA Campo Trainers leather sneakers look perfect with any style certainly low key but smart. You can wear them with a black dress, a pair of jeans or something basic like a white t-shirt. Furthermore, you can wear these sneakers at Halloween parties, birthdays, or weddings; you can even use them to a night out on the town.

Veja Campo

Yeezy 700’s while you are going to be limited to a more neutral set of colours Yeezys can be a perfect way to bring a twist to an otherwise low-key fit, think about it Yeezys are for the most part none branded, at least not with Adidas logos anyway. The neutral colourways like the Yeezy 700 Analog would look super sleek with an all-black or all-cream dress. They also go perfectly with blue jeans. The perfect subtle flex.

Yeezy 700 Waverunner

Nike Dunks if you want something casual while classy, they are heavenly, the Nike Dunk Wave has been impossible to ignore through 2022. This sneaker has perfectly worked its way into high fashion. The signature colour blocking on Dunks and the reputation of Nike have allowed this sneaker to sit comfortably with high fashion. Perfect with a sun dress or to be worn up with Jeans.

Nike Dunk Panda

Best trainers to wear with summer dresses - How to style?

Moving on let's look at how to style these for a classy yet casual look:

The first pairing has to be a jumpsuit styled with crisp white sneakers to make the perfect casual style.

Grab your favourite playsuit because there is no doubt, the playsuit was made to be worn with trainers.

Try pairing up any of these trainers with a white blazer, white top, and blue shorts to give a comfortable and classy style.

We know you all have a go-to black midi dress so get it out and pair it up with some clean white trainers, the white trainers are sure to make your dress pop and give a style that's just as comfortable as it is beautiful.


A White linen shirt with beige shorts and white trainers is the perfect neutral styling for any situation.

You can even opt for a bright casual look for work during summer with a blue and white cotton shirt tucked into white pants with white shoes.

White sneakers can also be styled with white jeans and a black-and-white striped jumper.

Wrapping up

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