UGG Guard The unexpected sneaker grail of 2022, which is actually a sock for the sneaker

The unexpected sneaker grail of 2022

Uggs have been more for the girl next door and not for the die-hard sneakerheads, until now.
If we look back at the year 2022, many sneakers deserved the title of sneaker of the year, but there is also a surprise that unexpectedly got a lot of hype and that is the Ugg Guard.

UGG Boots

A protective layer for the beloved sneakers made of silicone, which is pulled over the sneaker like a sock. The idea came on the market back in 2021 and didn't experience excessive demand at first, but that changed abruptly in September 2022 and a real hype arose and every sneakerhead suddenly wanted some. As a result, they sold out in no time and were even resold.

UGG Guards

Instagram @iamtolga

So from an initial meme, where this was dubbed as a condom for sneakers, more and more sneakerheads had to realize that this properly combined anything but bad looks. With a post by Instagrammer Tolga, who wore a brown one over his shoes, the hype took off and the sneakerheads were excited.

UGG Guards

Instagram @iamtolga
The idea of giving a sneaker a second life with the brown element experienced a huge hype and was shared thousands of times on the platforms also more and more big influencers got themselves a version and combined it with their beloved sneakers. A search for the hashtag #uggguard can convince you that something big is coming here.

[tiktok @ cainbeaudoin]
This style is in the general trend of monotone shades, as Yeezy did with his 3D print boot, or even big brands like Prada, Bottega, or Balenciaga. These brands helped to create this hype, as they also launched shoes with large and monotone silicone bottoms, setting the trends.

UGG's hit it out of the park with its $50 protective cover for Grails with the UGG Guard and for sneakerheads, this stylish cover for sneakers couldn't have come at a better time when the days are getting wetter and muddier again.

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