Why you need a pair of Yeezy Slides this summer!

Why Yeezy Slides Are A Must Have For Summer


The Yeezy brand has been renowned for bringing some of the most controversial and genius designs and idea's into the trainer game. Its safe to say they are on the forefront of shoe innovation and the Yeezy slide is no exception. So what makes the Yeezy slides design so good? 

Here at King Of Kicks we think Yeezy holds the crown for use of colours, and the Yeezy slide is the epitome of this statement. the use of a lot of neutral tones and colours gives the Yeezy slide a unique ability to go with absolutely any outfit.


this doesn't just apply to choice of colours either, Yeezy slides can look good with any style of outfit, whether your wearing jeans, cargo's, shorts, these slides wont look out of place which is almost unheard of in a slider. 


We all know that sliders are mostly used as lazy Sunday home attire or for that quick run to the corner shop to grab the bits you need, and before the Yeezy slide no one would even think about wearing their sliders in any other situation. The Yeezsy slide completely changed this thought, the design of the Yeezy slide has been done in a way that gives an aura of class to the slider and made the classic cheap and tacky slider look into a piece of fashionable footwear.

And what does this mean? well it means that you can wear the yeezy slides absolutely everywhere. You can go straight from the poolside to a nice restaurant and no one will think twice about it, which is something that other sliders dont allow. Yes we all know the looks you would get in a restaurant wearing normal nike or addidas sliders and jeans in a restaurant.

The unbranded design of the slide also helps towards this. On any normal pair of sliders huge logo's and branding can be seen all over, whereas the Yeezy slide opts for no logo's whatsoever. This gives the design extra class and allows all the attention to be on the design its self rather than hiding behind big logo's and patterns.

We all know that normal sliders are the most comfortable footwear you can get, but if you have ever worn a pair of Yeezy slides then you will know that nothing comes close the the Yeezy slide. the full EVA foam build of a Yeezy slide gives the whole shoe a a spongy comfort that makes you feel as though your walking on a cloud, and that not even an over exaggeration.

So i hope that answered the question, and if your converted and are looking where to buy Yeezy slides seen as they sell out pretty quickly these days. Then look no further, we got you covered.


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