Sneaker Events 

Here at King Of Kicks we love to get involved in the sneaker culture and meet all the fantastic people that make the scene as good as it is today. We regularly visit all of the biggest sneaker and streetwear events that the UK has to offer.

These events are the perfect place to come and see the people behind the king of kicks brand, and take a look at our huge collection of sneakers, while having a little fun in the process. Our team works day and night to ensure that everyone that comes to see us at any event has the time of their life and really gets a taste of what king of kicks is really about.

So why not come check us out at one of our next events and come have a chat with our team. Keep up to date with all the shows we have coming up by following us on our social media!

Take a quick look at some of our previous events and see what we have to offer!