Jordan 4's have seen a mass increase in popularity in recent years following some incredibly high profile releases and adoption from a lot of celebrities in all aspects of life. These trainers are incredibly popular but can also be quite pricey therefor we want to make sure you know exactly what size to buy to avoid disappointment.

How Do Jordan 4's Fit?

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Now fitting on Jordan 4's is one that really splits the internet, the debate between true to size and half a size up is still raging so which is best? Well in short it depends on how you like your shoes to fit. Jordan 4's tend to be a little snug by design therefore if you like a snug shoe then by all means go for your usual size, on the other hand if you like a little more room around your foot for a comfier fit then we would recommend going half a size up.

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How Do Jordan 4 Women's Fit?

So for all the women among us, Nike actually sells some Jordan 4's as women's shoes, but what does this mean?. Well, the simple answer is that these women's Jordan 4's differ slightly in size to be better sizing for a women's foot. Usually, the women's versions come with a slightly more narrow fitting. For most women, this won't affect sizing, but if you find that you have quite a wide foot you might want to try going half a size above your usual size, or go for your usual size in a men's model. 


What Does GS Mean?

If you have smaller feet then you might have noticed by now that you can find Jordan 4 (GS) shoes in your size that are usually cheaper then the standard counterparts but what does GS mean? GS basically stands for grade school which means they are designed for Older Kids, the GS and women's size runs often overlap for a few sizes so if you find yourself in this overlap then by all means go for the cheaper GS versions but make sure you know how they fit.

How Do Jordan 4 (GS) fit?

Jordan 4 GS often fit very similar to their standard counterpart, but we do find that they seem to fit slightly narrower around the foot and toe box, therefore if your going for a par if GS Jordan 4's then you are probably best getting half a size up in order to counteract this narrower fitting,

How to Style Jordan 4's?

Its safe to say Jordan 4's are the epitome of streetwear at the moment, so when trying to style your Jordan 4's going for a streetwear style outfit is your best by far your best bet. The Jordan 4 themselves are a very chunky shoe from an outside perspective therefore we find that relaxed fit clothing is the best way to show of your Jordan 4's, so grab your favourite joggers, Cargo's or Relaxed fit jeans. Mix your relaxed fit pants with a baggier style hoodie or t-shirt and you cant go wrong.


Are Jordan 4's Comfortable?

Jordan 4's are an incredibly comfortable shoe, the air technology in the sole allows for that exclusive Nike bounce in your step. Also, the size of the Jordan 4 allows them to hug your feet when worn giving a very comfortable fitting.

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How To Clean Jordan 4's?

Jordan 4's come in a huge range of different materials but cleaning usually is pretty easy. We recommend that you either grab yourself a shoe cleaning kit that includes a soft bristle brush and cleaning fluid, or grab some sneaker care wipes. The majority of Jordan 4's will wipe clean if you clean them quickly after getting the marks on them.

The only exception to this cleaning would be suede, if you have suede on your shoes then make sure you use a suede brush to clean them down. As always we tell you that cleaning them regularly will make cleaning a lot faster and less effort so make sure to grab that cleaner every couple of weeks. 


How do Jordan 4's Fit Compared to Nike Air Max or Air Force 1?

We find that the Jordan 4 fitting is half way between an Air Max and an Air Force 1, this means that whatever size you usually buy in either an Air Max or and Air Force 1 you will be wanting the same size in the Jordan 4.


Make sure to also check out our other size guides below for the best tips and advice on sizing, styling, and much more:


Where to get Jordan 4's?

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