Adidas confirmed will continue to use Yeezy designs


Although Adidas has ended its partnership with Kanye West, the sports brand will probably continue to market products designed by YEEZY, but without continuing to use the lettering. We can be very curious about the exact implementation.

Yeezy Boxes
The CFO of Adidas, Harm Ohlmeyer, has confirmed through official channels that the brand with the three stripes owns the intellectual property, the colors as well as the design of YEEZY products and even all sub-products. For this reason, they will continue to sell these products separately from Ye, which is of course an understandable move. New variants of the well-known shoe models will appear as early as the beginning of 2023, but then without the familiar embellishments. The new variants will appear under a new name and with new branding, but we will certainly recognize the models.

Yeezy Patents
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This decision by Adidas is hardly surprising since the sale of Yeezys alone generates a 3-5% share of total sales. In addition, Adidas is registered as the sole intellectual owner in the patents, and Ye's name does not appear in any of the patents, which should not please him very much. The only patent that Kanye could possibly still have, are the Slides, however, also this is only an assumption of the many fans of the rapper.

tweet calling out adidas for stealing yeezy designs

The move to end the collaboration between the rapper and Adidas will save the brand 300 million euros in royalties and merchandising fees alone.


Many fans are very disappointed with this decision and would have loved to see a reboot of the brand. Trend-setting models have been sorely lacking from Adidas lately and so many have been hoping for the opportunity and chance for Adidas to do the longed-for reboot here instead of releasing the 300th pair of Yeezy 350s.


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