How Clearpay Works

Clearpay makes buying the latest trainers even easier. Simply make an order today and pay over 6 weeks in 4 interest free instalments. Simply pay the first instalment today
and pay then pay the rest in 3 further instalments every 2 weeks. Please note: Late payment fee's may apply if payments are missed.


How to Pay using Clearpay

1. Add your items to your cart and click through to the checkout page.

2. Follow the normal steps through the checkout, and when you come to "payment methods" you will see the Clearpay logo.

3. Complete your order as usual and you will be automatically taken to the Clearpay website to set up an account or log in.

4. Follow all the steps on the Laybuy website, and thats it! Your items will be on their way taken as agreed with Clearpay

Terms and Conditions do apply so make sure to check out the Clearpay Website for more information.

To use Clearpay all you need is...

1. To be 18 years old or over

2. A valid credit or debit card
3. A valid UK or New Zealand residential address

Clearpay helps you get the things you want now, so if you're wondering what shops accept clear pay, or where to use Clearpay, then look no further.



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