Replacement shoelaces for hyped sneakers, sized perfectly for Air Jordans, Dunks, Yeezys and other premium footwear

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Shop For Replacement Shoelaces To Stay In Trend 

Whether you're looking to mix up your sneaker style completely to have a unique twist or you're just looking for a fresh pair of laces to bring your kicks back to life, this range is perfect for you.

Replacing shoelaces is only of the easiest ways to customise your sneakers or make them look fresh again..

Nike replacement shoelaces are designed to fit Jordan 1, Jordan 4, Jordan 11, Dunks, Air Max perfectly. It can be difficult to find shoelaces that fit but we offer exact size guidance to match your pair.

At King Of Kicks UK, we have a variety of replacement shoelaces to ensure you have a range to choose from. Shoelaces UK . King of Kicks UK can guarantee that you will find the exact size pair of shoelaces you're looking for.

Shoelaces with the correct thickness to fit Air Jordans & Air Max are completely different, so our range will help match you with the perfect pair.

Replacement Shoelaces we offer

  • Yeezy 350 Replacement Shoelaces

Yeezy 350 shoelaces are rounded and have different materials and lengths compared to the Nike models. Also, some Yeezy Shoelaces are reflective so we offer a range of colours in these.

  • Replacement Shoelaces we offer

    • Nike Dunk Replacement Shoelaces

    Nike Dunk Lows look a lot better with customer shoelaces and we sell the exact pairs to go with them.

    • Jordan 1 Shoelaces
    • We offer multiple Jordan 1 flat replacement shoelaces in every colour from 120cm for Jordan 1 low, 140cm for Jordan 1 mid, 160cm for Jordan 1 high. Jordan 1 shoelaces colours include white, black, blue, red, orange, yellow, mint, green, green, pink, purple and many more to match your favourite Jordan 1s.

      We offer Jordan 4 replacement shoelaces for men's, womens and GS sizes. Our most popular Jordan 4 shoelaces include Black Cat, UNC, Fire Red and Travis Scott. Jordan 4 Black Cat shoelaces are one of our most popular shoelaces

      Designer replacement shoelaces

      We sell Lanvin chuncky sneaker shoelaces to fit anypair.

      Our signiture Rope Effect chuncky shoelaces are very popular as they fit in normal eyelets but give the oversized effect. First seen on the Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott these shoelaces give the Trabis vibes. 

      Nike shoes are made of quality material that will last years to come. If you want sneakers to wear daily, choose a sneaker with a wear-resistant rubber sole. Shoes made of ventilating mesh keep your feet cool and comfortable all day. Nike men’s trainers material is breathable, which keeps you active day in and day out. The Nike leather sneakers are made to fit perfectly on your feet and provide maximum comfort.

      Why King Of Kicks UK is the number 1 UK site for Sneaker Accessories.

      If you're looking to customise your Nike Sneakers this is the place.

      Enjoy replacement shoelaces with FREE Shipping. 

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