First released in 1985 it's no secret that the Air Jordan 1 has been the most popular sneaker ever. Started by Nike and Designed by Peter Moore, the Air Jordan 1 was Michael Jordans signature basketball sneaker. Since then we have seen athleisure fashion explode with a plethora of colours and materials used to make the Air Jordan 1 Sneaker.

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The Air Jordan 1 is cemented in sneaker culture and Nike have made sure this is represented by making collaborations with the most exclusive brands and designers the planet has ever seen. Brands like Dior and Levis then Designers such as Virgil Abloh and Travis Scott.


It is no secret Air Jordans don't always fit the conventional sizing so its important to get the correct size when shopping for Air Jordan 1s, below we have the complete sizing guide for all people to shop all Air Jordan 1s to ensure you get the correct Size & Fit.


How does the Air Jordan 1 fit?

The short answer is the Air Jordan 1 tends to run true to size, however different foot shapes and models can fit differently. The sneakerhead with the narrower foot would be advised to go half a size down to create a more snug fit. Meaning if you usually wore a UK 8 then a UK 7.5 would be more appropriate. 


On the contrary, a sneakerhead with a wide foot should stick true to size, its important to remember this sneaker is designed for basketball so even worn loosely is will stay on your foot, the lacing system goes up the ankle to provide extra support.


It is common practice for people to wear Air Jordan 1s with the laces loosely for comfort and ease of wear. 
Its important to remember sizing in the Air Jordan 1 for Men, Women and Kids does in fact change so refer to the information below for exact sizing guides.
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How do Women's Air Jordan 1 Fit?

There are some key points to remember when it comes to sizing in the women's Air Jordan 1s, however for womens feet, they do fit True to size.


It is important to remember that the Nike and Air Jordan UK to US sizing conversion is different to mens. For example, if you were a UK 7 mens you would be US 8 it is always a whole size up but with women's the US size would be 2.5 sizes above.

Meaning a UK 7 Womens would be a US 9.5.


This is especially important to remember when ordering form US sites as people often get the incorrect sizing.

So for all the women among us, Nike actually sells some Air Jordan 1's as women's shoes, but what does this mean?. Well the simple answer is that these women's Air Jordan 1's differ slightly in size to be better sizing for a women's foot. Usually, the women's versions come with a slightly more narrow fitting.

For most women this won't affect sizing, so stay true to size, but if you have quite a wide foot you might want to try going half a size above your usual size or go for your usual size in a men's model.


It's completely normal practice for men to buy womens sneakers and vice versa but it's important to remember the same size will be a narrower fit so if you're a mens UK 7 you should probably get UK 8 in a women's sneaker.

How Do Jordan 1 Highs Fit?

Jordan 1's were originally designed as basketball shoes and therefore are very friendly to those of us with wider feet. We find that with Air Jordan 1 High tops, it's usually best to stick with your usual go-to size but if you prefer a narrower/more snug fit then it can be possible to go half a size down but your toes may be very close to the end of the shoe.
Personally, I wear the Air Jordan 1 with the Laces lose to slip it on and off and its completely comfortable and never falls off. The Air Jordan 1 High has slightly more lace holes than the Mid and any other Air Jordan so it can be worn loosely and still stay on your foot.
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How do Jordan 1 Mid's Fit?

Jordan 1 Mid's fit almost exactly the same as their high counterparts, therefore we find that for the majority of people its best to stay true to your usual size, but again anyone that prefers a snug fit can go half a size down. The only difference would be the extra eyelet on the sneaker.

How do Air Jordan 1 Lows fit?

Air Jordan 1 Lows are slightly different from the rest of the Jordan family in that they have a slightly Wider Toe Box therefore most of us will want to go for half a size down from our usual size but if you're looking for a roomier fitting around the toe section then stick true to your usual sizing.


What's the difference between Air Jordan 1 Mid's and High's?

We all know that the difference in price between the Jordan 1 high and mid can be huge but what is the actual difference? First lets look at the physical differences between the two, the Air Jordan 1 High has a slightly higher ankle support than the mid version, which offers more ankle support and a slightly bigger look to the shoe.
The Jordan 1 high also usually comes with more premium materials and construction than the mid versions, often sporting a more premium leather, which is often reflected in the pricing.

Jordan 1 Sizing FAQ's

How do Jordan 1s Fit?

The Air Jordan 1 fits true to size. People with narrow feet can go down half a size for a more snug fit. People with wide feet can go up half a size for a roomier fit.


What does GS Mean?

If you have smaller feet then you might have noticed by now that you can find Jordan 1 (GS) shoes in your size  but what does GS mean? GS stands for 'Grade School' and is a sizing that is meant for older kids and runs from size UK 3 to UK 6, meaning anyone with a shoe size within this range will fit in a GS shoe allowing the choice of either GS or Adult shoes. overlapping sizes will be fine in GS shoes.

How Do Jordan 1 (GS) Fit?

Jordan 1 (GS) fit very similar to the rest of the Jordan 1 family but they can be slightly narrower around the toe box. If you find you have a narrow foot then sticking to your usual size is you best bet, but for anyone with a slightly wider foot it may be best to go half a size up in order to maintain enough room around the toe section.

Are Jordan 1's comfortable?

The Jordan 1's was originally designed as a basketball shoe so comfort has been at the forefront of its design since its inception. The Jordan 1 can be easily worn all day without any discomfort, so the answer is yes the Jordan 1 is ridiculously comfortable.

How to Style Jordan 1's?

Jordan 1's are a very easy shoe to style, but we would definitely recommend a more streetwear-based outfit so crack out a baggy jumper or graphic tee and you will be on for a winner.


In terms of pants we know the choice of pants can make or break the outfit, we would usually recommend a more tapered style pant that sits nicely on the tongue of the Jordan's and also helps show off the ankle sections of the shoe.
You can wear baggy pants with Jordan 1s but if they're too baggy they can overshadow the shoe, so if you are going to wear baggy pants then either turn them up at the bottom of the leg to help show off the shoe or make sure they are cuffed/cropped so you can see the shoe.

How to clean Jordan 1's

How to clean your Jordan 1 all depends on what material your Jordans are, different materials on Jordan 1's are, normal leather, patent leather, or suede. We suggest buying yourself a dedicated shoe cleaning kit or grabbing some shoe care wipes to ensure your shoes stay clean.
How To Clean your Air Jordan 1 Highs


Jordan's that are made with standard leather or patent leather can usually be wiped clean with a simple shoe care wipe but tougher marks may take a shoe care brush and some cleaning fluid to get off. One thing to bear in mind is that if you have patent leather Jordan's make sure you use a very soft brush as a more brittle brush may scratch the shiny surface of the patent leather.


Finally, if your Jordans have suede on them then you're going to need a suede brush to get the marks out, so go grab a suede cleaning kit and get brushing that suede down on a regular basis. Regular cleaning ensures stains don't last so make a habit of cleaning your shoes regularly. 

Where do I buy Air Jordan 1's?

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Air Jordan 1 Mid 'True Blue' GS

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