Air Jordan 3's are one of the most underrated of the Jordan family (Especially here in the UK) but their popularity is increasing exponentially at the moment. So if its time for you to buy your first Jordan 3's then here is the ultimate fitting guide so you can make sure you get the right size.

How do Jordan 3's fit?

Jordan 3's generally fit true to size in the majority of cases. so we would suggest sticking with your usual size when buying Jordan 3's. However Jordan 3's can have a narrow toe box so if you do have particularly wide feet you might be best going for half a size up to avoid them being too tight on the toe box.

How Do Jordan 3 Women's Fit?

So for all the women among us, Nike actually sell some Jordan 3's as women's shoes, but what does this mean?. Well the simple answer is that these women's Jordan 3's differ slightly in size to be better sizing for a women's foot. Usually the women's versions come with a slightly more narrow fitting. For most women this wont affect sizing, so stay true to size, but if you find that you have quite a wide foot you might want to try going half a size above your usual size, or go for your usual size in a men's model. 

What Does GS Mean?

If you have smaller feet then you might have noticed by now that you can find Jordan 3 (GS) shoes in your size that are usually cheaper then the standard counterparts but what does GS mean? GS basically stands for grade school which means they are designed for Older Kids, the GS and women's size runs often overlap for a few sizes so if you find yourself in this overlap then by all means go for the cheaper GS versions but make sure you know how they fit.

How Do Jordan 3 GS fit?

With GS shoes being designed for older kids its only natural that they fit slightly narrower than the standard Jordan 3's, this combined with an already quite narrow toe box, means that its best to go for half a size up from your usual size if you are purchasing a GS pair.

How to Style Jordan 3's?

Jordan 3's seem to be one of those shoes that will go with just about any outfit. They are chunky enough to go with baggy style outfits and narrow enough to look good with more fitted style outfits. So basically go crazy and wear whatever you want but just make sure the colours you choose go together.

Are Jordan 3's Comfortable?

Jordan 3's just like the rest of the Jordan family were originally designed for the court so the comfort is the forefront of the design. We find that Jordan 3's are incredibly comfortable, they sit on top of the legendary Nike Air technology on the sole which makes every step as comfortable as possible. The sleek design also hugs your feet allowing you to wear them all day without any problems what so ever. 


How to clean Jordan 3's?

Jordan 3's usually come sporting leather materials that allow them to be wiped clean pretty easily. We suggest grabbing a shoe cleaning kit that includes a soft bristle brush and cleaning fluid, or just grabbing some shoe care wipes. If you clean your Jordan's on a regular basis or straight away when you see a mark it will make cleaning even easier. Just make sure u don't leave them marks on for too long or they may be difficult to get out. 



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