How to store and display your sneaker collection.

How To Store Your Sneaker Collection


One of the biggest problems that sneakerheads around the world are facing is storage. While your out securing new releases every week, at home your pile of shoes and boxes is just getting out of control. So if your sick of digging through boxes to find a pair, or falling over your pile of shoes then we have the best sneaker storage options for any budget.

Display Cases

Stackable display cases such as the Kicks Krate help to keep your sneakers completely dust and damage free while also providing an eye catching display that shows off your collection. These transparent sneaker boxes come with drop font doors allowing easy access to your sneakers without having to pile through boxes. The stackable feature of these boxes allows them to be easily piled and displayed in a huge range of different ways so you can display your collection how you want to.


Bookcase Shelving

Bookcase shelving is usually best for the hardcore sneakerhead who has hundreds of shoes in their collection but even if you have 30 or 50 pairs then a bookcase shelving could help to make your sneaker storage more elegant. Due to their usually tall nature a bookshelf method will help free up floor space by allowing the user to display shoes higher than with most other methods, but can also be a bit costly depending on where you manage to get your bookcase shelving from.

Floating Shelves

We know that a lot of you are more conscious of how your sneaker display looks on Instagram, so if that's you the floating shelf might be the way to go. Floating shelves give your sneaker display a more modern, architectural vibe, and allow you to display your sneakers along with other valuable possessions such as books, plants or art. These floating shelves usually come in a whole range of colours so you can colour co-ordinate to your hearts desire, just don't leave your coffee on the shelf (that could go very wrong)

Glass Display Cabinet

The Glass display cabinet is usually the most expensive of the options and is usually reserved for those of you with sneaker collections that are worth the big bucks, and dont usually all get worn. These display cabinets will help to keep your collection dust free and give off a boujee don't touch' kind of vibe, that's if you want to go all out on your display.


A shoe rack is an affordable storage-and-display to keep your sneakers organised in areas of your house, whether that's your bedroom, hallway, or living room. These are ideal for people with only a few pairs but still fancy showing off their sneakers subtly. Shoe racks often come in different materials and styles. You will find some cabinets and cupboards with closure, while others are free of that for easy access. Most choose wooden shoe racks, but some opt for stainless steel for a more industrial look.


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