Why Yeezy's Are The GOAT!

It comes as no surprise that Yeezy are yet again providing some of the most popular and sought after shoes of the year.

The non stop success of the Yeezy brand has been seen in the streetwear world for the last couple of years, stemming from the invention of the Yeezy 350 v2 and the Yeezy 700.

Today we are going to assess if and why Yeezy trainers are the best of all time. Yes I know this is quite a broad statement and hard to analyse so for arguments sake we will be focusing on the king of the Yeezy catalogue, the Yeezy 350!.


Kanye West has always been known for his outlandish designs and his exceptional choice of material, and the Yeezy 350 is by far no exception.

The Yeezy 350 utilises exceptional material technology in the form of primeknit uppers and boost sole technology. The first of these 'the primeknit upper' is the most notable of the two as this technology is what allows the Yeezy to gain its unique look.

Primeknit is a method of material production in which a shoes upper is knitted to produce a continuous fabric in the shape of a shoe. In layman's terms, the entire upper is knitted into one piece of material which bypasses the need for different panels on a shoe like you would see on a trainer such as the Jordan 1.

This process itself allows the Yeezy to have a more sock like feel than other models of shoe, while also allowing the shoe to be stretchy and more comfortable than most other shoes on the market. Boost sole technology also helps the Yeezy 350 become one of (If not the) most comfortable shoe on the market. Boost technology is a sole material technology created by Adidas that uses expanded particles in the midsole to allow more springiness and less energy waste within the shoes sole during each step.

The boost technology was first created for Adidas's range of running shoes but when Kanye brought it into the streetwear world it created the comfiest shoe the streetwear world had ever seen. These two material technologies combined is what gave the Yeezy 350 its world renowned comfort.



Kanye is well know for his ability to market absolutely anything, to the point where he can sell absolutely anything to anyone. He utilises his knowledge of social media and the world around him to create a hype behind Yeezy that was second to none.

This success can be akin to both excellent marketing strategies as well as limited stocking of these products that came to a fever pitch where demand heavily outweighed supply. Using people such as his then wife Kim Kardashian and other hugely influential celebrities by simply allowing them to wear his designs before they were open to the public allowed Yeezy's to become the desire of a generation before they had even hit the shelves. What can we say, he is the king of marketing.



Kanye's styling and design ethos was the main cause of Yeezy's huge success. the Yeezy 350 was designed in such a way that is could look just as good with a gym outfit than it would with a date night outfit. This stylistic design choice allowed Yeezy's to be worn in any situation and for any activity. this partnered with Kanye's excellent colour choices and designs created a truly unique style of shoe.

So with all this in mind the question still remains, are Yeezy's the best trainer of all time? Well its a very hot topic so I guess you're gonna have to decide that one for yourselves. But if you are convinced you still have the biggest question of all to answer, Where to I buy these exclusive Yeezy's? Well we have you covered.


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