Kanye releases list of demands for Adidas!

Yeezy And Adidas Partnership On The Rocks


I know what you're all thinking, more Kanye news? but yeah Kanye is the gift that keeps on giving and we are back to talk about his newest beef with Adidas and Kasper Rorsted. So as we all know Kanye and Adidas came together a little while back and managed to create one of the biggest names in the sneaker game 'Yeezy'.

For years it had seemed like a dream collaboration that has birthed some of the greatest sneakers of our time, but over this year things have seemed to turn sour. Let's have a deeper look at the Kanye beef and what it could mean for the sneaker world.

Well, it seemed that the anger between Kanye and Adidas started back in August when the annual Yeezy day hit our screens. Yeezy day is an annual day in which Adidas releases a large collection of new releases and re-releases for sneakerheads to purchase (If they're lucky enough).


But it seems that Yeezy day isn't for everyone because Kanye hit back at the annual Yeezy day saying he did not permit this event to go forward. Kanye told fashion magazine Complex of his anger that Yeezy Day 2022 had gone ahead without his approval, claiming that all decisions made regarding the sale were done without his consent. And that's just the start.

Since then Kanye has hit out at Adidas several times for several different reasons, and just like Kanye has always done, he did it in style. The first of the accusations against Adidas was the claim that Adidas and Gap had stolen his designs and recreated them for their products. the famous rapper took to Instagram to post a now-deleted meme showing an 'angry Kanye' which you can see below.

He then took to Instagram again to show a fake news headline titled, 'Kasper Rorsted also dead at 60' which clearly outlined the distaste the rapper has for the Adidas executive.

Now since then, Kanye has seemed to hit his final straw with Adidas, the star has decided to send the company a list of demands they need to meet for him to stay with Adidas. the list outlines his terms which include the termination of his contract, Adidas to pay him $2B for a list of reasons, his IP to be given back to him, and for Ye to own and operate Yeezy going forward's. 

it's pretty safe to say this list of terms is going to be very hard for Adidas to meet and with the feud getting ever more heated could we be close to seeing the end of the Adidas x Kanye west Partnership? Well only time will tell but tensions are being felt in the sneaker game.

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