Nike Member Days, what's it all about?

Nike Member Days 17.-21.10.2022

From October 17 to 21, Nike Member Days will take place. In the Member Shop, members get access to new styles before anyone else, there are exclusive events and the keycitys. But besides these PR events, it means for you to keep an eye on the Snkrs and the Nike App and always be on the lookout for exclusive access. In 2021, there were quite a few good restocks of hyped sneakers, such as the Sacai VaporWaffle, Dunk Lows, Air Max 1 or even Jordan 1 as EAs on certain accounts.

Nike Blog - Nike Member Days
It will be advisable to check the apps and your inbox once on each of these days during the usual hours (full hours 6-12am) and you may also get a great chance at long sold out sneakers.

This year sneakers like the white Air Max Patta Wave or even some Jordan 4 are already loaded and it seems that these could be candidates for restocks through exclusive additions. Run off this will certainly be like last year. Here it seemed to be that Nike chooses certain users or accounts and then rewards them. So some users had no EAs and others had up to 10 EAs on one account during the week.

So if you haven't created a Nike account yet and you are not a member yet, you should definitely do it to not miss this chance. If you have existing Nike customers in your circle of friends or family, ask them to keep their eyes open for push notifications with their active accounts and maybe they should also check their Snkrs app inbox from time to time, since an EA can show up without a push and only in the app. It is likely that users with purchases already made and ideally with purchases alongside hype products are preferred, as Nike prefers to have such customers.

Aside from EAs, there may be other great offers via push for certain users, like tied discount codes or special events. Just keep your fingers crossed and hope that your account is one of the few that will be selected at Nike!


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