Adidas Cancels Kanye, Ending the Yeezy Era

Adidas End Partnership with Kanye

Adidas Cancels Yeezy
Since 2015, US rapper Kanye West has designed shoes and clothing for Adidas under the "Yeezy" brand. But his controversial and anti-Semitic statements have also recently attracted the attention of the sporting goods manufacturer. According to rumors, the internal voices and protests became louder and louder at Adidas and the displeasure that they do not position themselves more clearly against Ye, especially after the latest accusations of racism. However, the company is now drawing its consequences and is not talking around it for long.

After the anti-Semitic statements of Kanye West, the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas has ended its cooperation with the rapper, also known as Ye. "Ye's recent statements and actions are unacceptable, hateful ,and dangerous," Adidas said in a statement. Earlier in October, Adidas had said "After repeated attempts to resolve the situation outside of the public eye, we have decided to put the partnership to the test." Ye had also publicly attacked the group frequently and plagiarism allegations were thrown into the room with certain models which were released last. Ye had recently stated in a podcast that was massively shared and commented on social media, "I can say anti-Semitic things, and Adidas can't drop me. So what?".

Kanye responding to adidas
Balenciaga and Kanye

Events are rolling over around Kanye West right now. Because only recently the fashion brand Balenciaga ended its cooperation with him. In a statement, it says "Balenciaga no longer has any relationship with this artist, nor are there any plans for future projects," the fashion website "WWD" quoted the luxury group Kering, to which the brand Balenciaga, based in Paris, belongs.

According to Adidas thus also accepts significant economic consequences with this step and would thus have to accept an estimated loss of 250 million euros in operating profit.

What will happen to Yeezys? 

It will now be interesting to see how Kanye will take this decision and how the rights will be awarded. According to the statement from Adidas, all production of Yeezys will probably be discontinued, which would be a clear sign and the end of an era. Most recently, the market was flooded with Yeezy from Adidas by quite a few restocks and models hardly achieved increased resell prices. This should change after the statement and the actual discontinuation of production now but again abruptly, if the Sneakerheads should not now also cancel.

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