How to Style Panda dunks


Now we all know that 2022 is the year of the dunk, and no other shoe opitimises this statement more than the Nike dunk low 'Panda'. This monochromatic styled dunk is by far the most popular dunk of the current age, if not of all time. Using a simple black and white block colour design, Nike managed to make this dunk an absolute wardrobe staple that had the capability to be styled with just about any outfit. This being said
we all know too well that sometimes we stand in front of our wardrobe looking at all the options but cannot for the life in us decide what to wear that day, or maybe your looking for that fantastic pay day purchase that will look perfect with your new shoes. Well look no further because we are going to explore some of the best ways to style these pop culture favourites. So lets get straight into it.


We often find that the 'Panda' Looks at its best when following black and white colour schemes or other neutral colours schemes. or if your looking to add a little bit more colour to your outfit try keeping your pants either black or white and finishing off with a colourfull top or jumper.



The Nike dunk low is a trainer that is on the chunky side, so with that in mind avoid anything that is too fitted or tight as it will only highlight the bulkiness of the shoe and can look off.  Wether you have joggers, Jeans or Cargo's one universal truth exists, Dunks look amazing with all things baggy. Now the simplicity of the panda dunk allows the wearer to utilise almost any colour scheme but we often see that with the panda dunk its best to express colour on the top half and leave the trousers in simplistic colours such as black, grey or blue denim. We also suggest wearing any trousers that fit like Levi's 501 jeans, mom jeans, basic fit cargo's or baggier joggers such as Nike club joggers. 

Tops and Jumpers:

Now its time to look at the top half of the clothing, and once again this follows the same rule, baggy looks amazing, but this isn't set in stone, we have seen loads of people wearing tight tops with baggy pants and dunks. If you think it looks good then wear it but for the sake of the styling guide we are going to focus on looser fitting clothing and baggy jumpers. As the panda's are so neutral it means you have 2 choices when looking at colours for your top, either keep iot neutral with black and white tones, or go crazy with a bit more colour on top, both ways are just as valid. Why not try a fresh white t-shirt and baggy black hoodie, Or try a sweatshirt in earthy tones. Furthermore wearing overshirts or cardigans are fantastic way to finish off the top half.


Accessories are one of the best ways to finish an outfit and panda dunks call for one specific type of accessory, Silver Jewelry. Silver jewelry is timeless and fits perfectly into any of these colour schemes perfectly while also bringing out the colours in the shoes. 

Outfit Inspo:

We put together a couple of quick mood boards to help you visualize how you will wear your dunks and what will go well with them. so take a look below for some inspo.