Sneakerfuture - RTFKT and NIKE will bring Sneaker NFT to the real life

RTFKT and NIKE will release "CRYPTOKICKS IRL" Sneaker Collection

It looks like the future is here, Nike will team up with RTFKT for the first time to bring a sneaker NFT to life and into reality. RTFKT Studios is a Web 3 company known for its Metaverse collectibles as well as digital avatars. They have now announced that their latest creation will be presented in the form of a physical sneaker collection. Nike recently acquired this brand and will now collaborate with the very same to launch Cryptokicks iRL. This will be a series of futuristic shoes that are meant to bring NFT's signature sneaker to life.

 Sneaker Blog - RTFKT and NIKE will release "CRYPTOKICKS IRL" Sneaker Collection

The Cryptokicks iRL will be the first native Web 3 sneaker to house the latest technologies from the global company. It's the next step into the Web 3 future, combining decades of Nike sneaker innovation with RTFKT's vision. The digital and physical worlds will merge for the first time," the digital studio writes on its official website.

Many of the concepts that appear in this shoe we know from probably one of the most hyped sneakers in the world, which has its origin in the future in a movie, the Air Mag sneaker. This shoe features automatic lacing, customized lights, inductive charging, and many other futuristic details.

For example, the shoes are powered by a rechargeable battery and allow the wearer to select different colours and animations that light up as they walk.

The sneakers are equipped with RTFKT's latest WM (World Merging) NFC chip, which allows users to authenticate each physical specimen with its digital counterpart to verify legitimacy. So it is little surprise that this shoe will appear in the SAME colorways to make the evolution perfect.

Sneaker Blog- RTFKT and NIKE will release "CRYPTOKICKS IRL" Sneaker Collection

 There are more exciting impressions and background information about this shoe to discover on RTFKT's official website. Cryptokicks are customizable digital sneakers that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one is unique and can be purchased as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). By partnering with Nike, RTFKT Studio is able to bring these virtual designs to the real world by releasing the first collection of physical Cryptokicks.

 Sneaker Blog - RTFKT and NIKE will release "CRYPTOKICKS IRL" Sneaker Collection

RTFKT and Nike will release the Cryptokicks iRL in four colorways: Blackout, Ice, Stone and Space Matter. The sneakers will be limited to 19,000 pieces and the colorway will be determined by collectors' choice. They will be sold as digital collectibles (NFT) that redeem physical counterparts - a process RTFKT calls forging.

Lace Engine NFT holders will have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Cryptokicks iRL sneakers from December 12-16. From December 7 to 9, non-NFT holders can register for a raffle on the RTFKT website.

They will then be able to purchase leftover pairs on December 14, unless the entire inventory from the initial sale is sold out. Final ETH prices will be adjusted to the ETH/USD value on the day of minting. So the process here is a familiar one if you are somewhat familiar with buying NFTs. In conclusion, exciting times lie ahead in which the digital and physical worlds will probably continue to merge.

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