Sustainable sneakers from Moea

Sustainable sneakers from Moea

Sustainable sneakers are coming more and more into focus. Even the big brands are focusing more and more on sustainable approaches, such as Adidas with its Parley models or Nike with the Space Hippie, in which leftovers are recycled.

A new sustainable star in the sneaker sky is the brand Moea Sneakers. This brand says goodbye to animal suffering in sneaker production and relies on sneaker production from materials such as corn, grapes or even cactus.

Sneaker Blog - Sustainable sneakers from Moea

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Thus, the model "Grape White & Black" is not an idiosyncratic, creative name, but the material from which this sneaker was made, grapes. It seems a bit surreal to produce sneakers from grapes, but Moea has succeeded and the sneakers look too good to ignore. The material looks like real leather and has no disadvantages. This is exactly the premise of the Parisian brand. Their goal is to produce sustainable, certified sneakers that are on par with other brands in terms of style, comfort and trend potential.

Sneaker Blog - Sustainable sneakers from Moea

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What makes the brand's sneakers sustainable?

Moea was founded by a mixed team with employees from Germany, Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland, so it comes together with know-how from the heart of Europe, which is also reflected in the shoes themselves. All the materials used to make the faux leather come from Europe, with one exception.

The rubber of the sole is recycled and originates in Portugal, as does the paper of the packaging and the vegan water-based adhesive.

The laces are made from Italian organic cotton, while the lining is a blend of recycled bamboo and polyester.

The material, which looks confusingly similar to real leather, is made from apple, corn, cactus, pineapple or grape - whatever your taste. All these products are leftovers from various industries in Italy, Mexico or the Philippines, which are processed by Moea in Europe to transform them from scraps into the main components of an innovative material.

The price of 150 euros seems very high at first but issues such as sustainability, animal welfare and environmental awareness just have their price. But with these sneakers you are part of a long overdue change and contribute significantly to a better future, not to mention the fact that you stand out from the monotonous sneaker mass and can certainly graze a few questioning looks and turning heads at the next Sneakerness.

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