The Rise of crepe city, everything you need to know about Europe's biggest Trainer and street wear festival

Its no secret that the the market for hyped trainers and streetwear fashions has become infamous overe the last decade. Frequent 'Drops' and limited release footwear/apparel has become the new norm for many around the world, creating its own unique streetwear culture in the process. During the evolution of this culture crepe city was born. From its humble roots in the basement of the Notting Hill Arts Club crepe city has become Europes biggest trainer and streetwear festival.


Crepe city is a UK based event that mirrors its self in the shadow of its US and EU forefathers such as Sneaker Con and Sneakerness. Although it was birthed in the shadow of such big rivals it has quickly grown in popularity to become the UK and Europes biggest trainer and streetwear event.

As a lifestyle, fashion and footwear festival Crepe City showcase leading streetwear brands from around the world, and s host to the world’s largest market of exclusive and hard to find sneakers. With Industry Giants such as Kingofkicks and Matt B customs showing off the best styles they have to offer, As well as current pop culture icons such as Jay 1 and Specs Gonzalez.  So if your looking where to find exclusive trainers crepe city is the place to be. This one event has all the answers to the most formidable questions such as, Where do I find the most exclusive jordan's?, What trainers should I be buying? and What streetwear looks best?.

With Events Popping up all over the UK ,from Manchester to London, theres no better time to put your best outfit together and go cop some new drops.

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