the Palace x Gucci collab is finally here.


This year, the trend continues in which the high-class designer brands want to penetrate more and more into the streetwear market and cooperate with former small skate stores, which have great hype. One of the biggest bangers in terms of such collaborations was probably Supreme and Louis Vuitton. After Gucci now had a major collaboration with Adidas and Palace regularly collaborates with Adidas, it is only natural that it now comes to an unusual collaboration between Gucci and Palace. Thus Palace pulls with Supreme in a certain way equal, even if the comparison lags because Supreme was bought a little later by Louis Vuitton. Palace and Gucci have both had impressive collabs this year, with Palace having strong collabs with Engineered Garments, Mercedes, and Calvin Klein, and Gucci with The North Face, Harry Styles, Major League Baseball, and of course Adidas. So this collabo looks like a well-deserved season finale for the year 2022 of collab's.

Palace x Gucci

But let's take a look at the most special pieces of this upcoming collection, which has already generated enormous hype.

One piece that no good Palace collabo should be without is of course a Palace x Gucci hoodie. This is Palace's signature piece with a co-branded triferg patch in a Gucci Vault bag, which it comes packaged in.


Another classic at palace is the jersey football t-shirts with large pattern prints, again the collection does not disappoint

Gucci also brings to this collection a few classics, this in the form of their bags. So there will be a GG -P duffle bag with embossing, small shoulder bag with web strap, GG-P canvas messenger bag with web shoulder strap, card cases, GG-P Coin purse, Airpod Case, half-moon mini bag, tote bag and a bi-fold wallet.

Palace x Gucci Slides

In addition to the bags, Gucci also brought their famous shoes to the collabo, the Horsebit loafers and their in-house sneakers as well as the famous Gucci slides.
Gucci x Pallace Motorbike
The most special pieces of this collection are probably the motorcycle and the safe, but also such special pieces can never be missing in collabs of skatebrands. There will also be a wide selection of hats, a bikini suit, a small women's collection, belts, umbrellas and jackets. So this collection wants to take virtually no end and is huge, but how high they will be quantities is not yet known and could be low as with similar collabs.
Palace x Gucci
Since Palace is still a skateboard brand at its core, which produces simple clothing for everyday use and skating, this collection has many of the evergreens of Palace in the offer, which Gucci very skillfully imprints his stamp. Thus Gucci penetrates more than ever into the streetwear world and the collaboration seems very pleasant and well-considered, with gladly sometimes a little louder guys from Palace. More information on pricing and release date of the collection will follow soon on the brands channels. The collection will probably end up primarily in the Gucci Vaults. Palace will surely also release some pieces on the online store, the pieces only seconds will be purchasable. Don't expect too much here, as demand will be huge for such a collection. Be ready on the release day at 12:00 and practice checking out quickly.


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