What does GS mean in Shoes?

 GS represents the standard shoe size of a child. It is the right fit for both girls and boys. There are many size variations for sneakers and shoes. You can get these shoes from Nike and Jordan. The size goes up to 7Y for GS shoes.

What does GS mean in Shoes?

GS is an acronym for "Grade School" for children's shoe sizes. But they are not the average children's shoe sizes; these sizes are the biggest ones among preschool kids' and toddlers' shoe sizes.

Its extremely common for any adult with sizes UK 3-6 to wear GS as they're practically the same and sometimes cheaper! 

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Nike Dunk GS Label

Many GS shoes have a fabric interior and a textile insole. Also, high-quality materials are used in the sole. All these unique features will undoubtedly meet the needs of children's foot development while providing the best stability and freedom in their daily activities.

Furthermore, brands suggest lightweight lace-ups in organic leather for the GS shoes. Some shoes are made with jacquard mesh, gel, and EVA machinery. As a result, these GS shoes fully support movement and encourage comfort.

The retail price is lower in GS due to being classed as a Youth sized sneaker.

Is GS the Same as a Youth?

In GS shoes, Y refers to an acronym to indicate "youth" or "years." In either case, this abbreviation means that the shoe is intended for use by children. The "Youth" term represents a collection of shoes prepared for children of a particular age, while the "Years" term denotes the child's age period.

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What does GS mean in Nike?

The acronym "GS" is the one that is used to classify shoes. Nike first used the GS abbreviation in the Air Jordan shoe line. The abbreviation represents "Grade School." Any shoe with the short form "GS" on it will be within the range of a child's standard expected size at grade school.

Nike Dunk High (GS) - Olive Green
Grade school shoes are certainly made to fit the feet of children going to grade school. These shoes will be of a specific age and their size will lie within the standard range of children of that age. It is helpful while searching for Nike shoes for your child, and there is a wide selection of sizes.

After Nike, popular shoe brands followed suit with similar-sized shoes. This system of categorizing shoes based on their relevant acronyms is especially useful when a brand offers a wide range of size options.

Can Adults wear GS Shoes? 

Yes, adults can wear GS shoes. As GS shoes are the largest size available for children's shoes, the best thing about these shoe sizes is that both children and adults can wear them with tiny feet.

If you have a small foot or are a petite adult, you can find high-quality GS shoes that are less costly and fit better on your feet. GS can be cheaper than other types of shoes because they are designed for children rather than adults.
The GS size is not suitable for adults with regular or standard feet. Adults should purchase regular shoes rather than GS shoes.

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What does PS mean in Shoes?

We know that GS stands for grade school. Similarly, the abbreviation PS refers to "preschool" shoe sizes. Some older toddler shoes will also fit pre-schoolers. Measuring your child's feet to get the perfect shoe size would be best. The preschool child's age ranges from 2 to 5 years old. The material used for their shoes should be more comfortable and flexible because these children are still growing rapidly.

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The size of shoes is also a critical factor that parents should consider when purchasing new shoes for their children to avoid limiting the growth of their feet and overall growth. The shoe size for pre-schoolers may differ slightly depending on the brand.

What does GS mean for Jordans?

Jordan also makes GS shoes for children with larger feet. These shoes differ from the adult versions in size and appearance.

The Jordan GS shoes have a rubber outsole with two sections to reduce overall weight and support smooth movements. Furthermore, the Jordan GS shoelaces pass through interlocking loops and eyelets for comfortable walking.

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The product includes a breathable mesh tongue, pads around the ankle, a rubber outer shank, and a colour-changing logo. All these features make the GS Jordan shoe ideal for children to wear to school.

Jordan GS Shoe Size UK

Jordan GS shoes, like Nike GS shoes, come in many sizes. The Jordan GS shoe size ranges from 3.5Y (Y means youth shoe size) to 7Y (US size). The UK shoe is available in varied dimensions ranging from 3 to 6.5.

US to UK Shoe Size Jordan

With the help of the Jordan US to UK shoe size chart, you can quickly determine the size of your child's foot:

Nike size chart | King of Kicks

The difference in PS and GS in Jordan's Shoes

People frequently mix up Jordan PS and GS sizes but are not. Even though they are both for children, there are a few differences. The table highlights the minor differences:

Nike Chart | King of Kicks

How to Measure Your Child's Feet for Nike Shoes?

It is necessary to measure your child's feet carefully before purchasing shoes. You will require a ruler, a pencil and paper, a flat surface, and a wall. Once you have gathered all the materials, ask your child to stand on a flat surface with their back to the wall.

Place a piece of paper under your child's foot. Make sure their heel is against the wall, and their foot is as flat as possible.

Trace around the most significant part of the foot with a pen or pencil. Measure to determine your child's shoe size.

If one foot is larger than the other, then order shoes in various sizes rather than having two pairs that are too small.

Taking your child's foot measurements in the afternoon would be best because feet tend to swell slightly. The distance between their longest toe and the end of their foot should be no more than 5 inches. Put shoes on in the regular socks children typically wear, which are not too thin or too thick. Ask them to walk around in your shoes so you can determine if they are a good fit. It only applies to physically capable children—toddlers and up.

Measure Your Child's Feet for Nike Shoes | King of Kicks

Is GS 7 the same as Men's 7?

Yes, GS 7 is the same as men's 7 with tiny feet. You can get a higher-quality pair of men's size 7 shoes by spending more money, but it does not imply that you must use the money on something of low quality. GS size 7 shoes may be less costly, but they will be of superior quality.

Can GS Size Be for Women?

This size is not specifically for women. GS is an acronym for "Grade School," and it is for children. GS sizes remain between 1Y and 7Y, and women's shoe sizes are typically small, so people often mix them up and think they are the same.
However, they are not similar in size. If a woman wants to purchase a GS size, she must subtract 1.5 sizes from her regular shoe size. For example, if she usually wears a size 7, she must buy 5.5 shoes in Girls' Grade School.

Air Jordan women's vs Men's | King of Kicks

Is GS for Girls?

GS is meant not only for a girls' shoe size but also for girls' and boys' shoes. The abbreviation for grade school shoe size is GS, which is a number between 1 and 7. It can range from 1 to 7 years of age. Girls' feet sizes, however, vary from 1 to 5.5 years old.

What does BG GS mean in Jordans?

In Jordans, the acronym BG stands for "Boys' Grade School," and the abbreviation GS stands for "Grade School." Both are shoe sizes, with BG sizes specifically designed for boys in grade school and GS sizes being gender neutral.

Nike BG Label | King of Kicks

What does Y Stand for in Shoe Size?

When looking at sizes, you may notice an abbreviation following the number. It indicates the approximate age group for which the size is appropriate.
The letter Y denotes "youth" in GS shoe sizes. These shoe sizes are for grade school students aged 11 to 13. These can also be used for older children or adults with tiny feet who cannot fit into adult shoe sizes.

Which Size Should I Choose for my 12 years Old Kid?

Around 12 years old, the most popular size for kids is 3.5 in the UK and 4Y in the US for both girls and boys because there is no enormous difference in physical condition between girls and boys at this age.

This size, however, is not appropriate for all 12-year-old children. Your child's foot size may differ due to genetic or nutritional differences or other exceptional circumstances. Always measure your child's foot size before purchasing new shoes to ensure they fit correctly.

Are youth shoe sizes and toddler shoe sizes different?

Yes, of course. Children's shoes have three specific size limits, different by age. The lowest range is for toddlers; the medium range is for pre-schoolers; and the most extensive range is for grade school, also known as GS or youth shoe sizes.
Is the shoe size the same for shoes of a different brand?

Nike Air Force 1 Toddler | King of Kicks

Although there is always a standard shoe size range, each brand may have its size specifications. Furthermore, shoe size can influence the design and materials used to make shoes. If you buy new shoes for your child in-store, sizing mats will be available for you to check your child's shoe size. You can also look up the brand's shoe size charts and have your child try on the new pair before purchasing.

When will my child's feet stop growing?

When children reach school age, their feet grow slower than younger ones. Although they will reach their growth limits at various times, the girls' feet will be 90% complete when they are 10 years old. At this age, boys' feet have only completed 80 percent of their growth. Therefore, the average age at which children's feet stop growing is 14 for most girls and 16 for boys.


GS stands for "grade school," which refers to school-going children's feet size. It comes in sizes 3.5Y–7Y, so people with tiny feet can wear size 7Y.

It is different from men's or women's shoe sizes. GS shoes are gender-neutral and appropriate for school-going children.

When purchasing shoes for your child, it is critical to know their size. Many shoes fit different feet, so measure the foot first. It would help if you considered other factors such as curve height, foot width, and instep size. Also, think about how your child will wear the shoes.

Numerous terms are associated with shoe sizes, particularly for children. After reading this article, we expect you to know precisely "what does GS mean in shoes?" You can easily choose a new, ideal pair of shoes for your child. Selecting the correct shoe size will aid your child's foot growth while preventing injury or discomfort.

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